Employer of Record (EoR)

Employer of Record (EoR)

The demands of dealing with new employee administration, payroll, worker’s compensation, and other compliance and personnel issues can drain productivity and distract you from your core mission. We have specialized experience in payrolling for our clients who contract with retirees/company alumni, interns, seasonal workers, and independent agents with administrative staff (real estate, financial advisors, and insurance agents).

We take responsibility as the legal employer for all HR administration and assist with compliance for these employees, saving you time and money. These employees continue to work at your company location under your management, while you have unlimited access to our expert HR support team that can help as often as your needs may arise. We relieve your employment burden by:

  • Assuming the responsibility of unemployment insurance and all costs of issuing paychecks;
  • Filing all state, federal, and local employment taxes;
  • Ensuring compliance with ever-changing federal and state employment regulations;
  • Mitigating risk involved when working with W2 contractors;
  • Providing efficiency while offering a cost-effective solution;
  • Facilitating hiring paperwork with automated online onboarding within 30 minutes;
  • Creating customized orientation allowing for client-specific forms, policies, and processes to be uploaded and acknowledged by each contractor;
  • Paying contractors weekly or biweekly and providing our client with consolidated, transparent billing; and
  • Handling all offboarding processes once the contract is complete.

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Payrolling Remote Workers

Many companies didn’t think they’d ever be open to having remote employees. Now, even the most steadfast believers in face-to-face meetings are embracing the remote work lifestyle. Employing remote workers can be extremely complicated, with varying tax, insurance, and compliance rules in different states and even localities within those states. We help you avoid common mistakes employers make when setting up new employees or when current employees move to new locations. With our Employer of Record solution, you can ensure that:

  • The correct employment taxes are paid based on the employee’s location;
  • You avoid additional corporate taxes based on an established presence in other states;
  • The employee receives appropriate workers’ compensation coverage;
  • All wage and hour laws in each state and locality are adhered to;
  • Privacy and data integrity laws are followed;
  • Employees are not double-taxed in states with reciprocity agreements; and
  • Remote workers are not misclassified as independent contractors (causing legal issues for the company).

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Executive Payrolling

In response to client requests, we have created a solution to payroll highly compensated executives. Checks and Balances hires the client’s pre-identified executives as W2 employees, thus minimizing employment risks and allowing for the administration associated with contractors to be outsourced. We provide the following VIP services in addition to our standard EOR workflow:

  • Confidential executive-to-executive welcome;
  • Explanation of processes via phone or in person;
  • Customized executive onboarding; and
  • White glove treatment with time and expense reporting.

Paying Interns

Engaging interns for a specified period is essential for your business’s success but it can have a significant impact in terms of time and expense of your internal staff. Increase the efficiency of your internship program by using Checks and Balances’ Employer of Record solution.

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Employing Retirees and Alumni

More and more retirees are re-entering the workforce and returning to their previous organizations, where their institutional knowledge is critical. Checks and Balances’ re-engagement solution engages those who have previously provided value while allowing the client to refill positions quickly and/or build a team in a short amount of time. We help you eliminate ongoing recruiting costs and reduce onboarding time, creating a win-win situation: flexibility for the employee and cost savings to the client. This customized program tracks hours, dollars, and compliance issues around retirement plans (such as ERISA regulations).

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