Real Estate HR Administration

Free Yourself From Administrative Hassles

Checks and Balances has provided Employer of Record solutions to real estate companies and agents employing teams for more than 30 years. Serving companies and agents nationwide, our W2 payrolling solution allows agents to outsource their administrative HR tasks and focus on growing their business.

We also partner at the corporate level to provide support and mitigate risk in light of recent employee misclassification lawsuits and IRS focus on real estate companies. Our Real Estate HR Administration solution:

  • helps agents focus on sales and avoid the time-consuming burden of employer responsibilities;
  • minimizes risk and liability by ensuring compliance with the IRS, DOL, EEOC, ADA and other regulatory agencies;
  • offers affordable and comprehensive benefits to attract and retain top talent; and
  • continuously monitors all federal and state regulations to ensure companies and agents stay compliant.

View our Hiring 101 eBook created especially for real estate professionals to learn how to vet, hire, and pay your staff with Checks and Balances’ Employer of Record solution.

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